Easy to use, affordable resources for educators like you!

I have found educators were so excited to get their hands on our mental wellbeing content & use them in a wide range of ways including: classrooms, tutor groups, health and PE lessons, RTLBs.

Even Social Workers have begun requesting this content. We have made these videos here and on YouTube FREE.

But naturally, professionals wanted extra resources to go along with the videos. So I got my team of teaching and guidance counselling professionals together and created a rich library of educator resources for you ready to purchase to use in the classroom going forward.

Available Resources Include

Physical Resources 

Teachers Packs | Mood Cubes  | Calm Cubes | Mind Mailboxes


Digital Resources

Unit plans and lesson guides | Worksheets | Mood Mat | Short educational videos for for each presentation:

Think and Be Me for Kids

Professional Development courses available within the education environment/school are another excellent way to increase your knowledge in this area, if you would like to talk with our training manager please schedule via calendar below or contact us.