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Think and Be Me

Thinking Cube (5-Pack)

Thinking Cube (5-Pack)

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What is the Thinking Cube used for?

The Thinking Cube has been designed to guide people through the 3 steps - to catch their thinking, check their thinking and change it to postive thoughts. This is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!

Our Thinking Cube is a must have for children, teachers, counsellors and caregivers! A fun and engaging resource with English and Te Reo.

Sold in sets of 5.

  • Comes as individual flat cardboard cutouts that are ready to be folded into cubes
  • All of our cubes are designed to 'nest' in each other!
    • Mood Cube dimensions 88mm x 88mm 
    • Calm Cube dimensions 82.5mm x 82.5mm
    • Thinking Cube dimensions 76mm x 76mm

Shipping NZ-wide is an additional cost of $8.50 per order. Please contact us if you require shipping beyond New Zealand.

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