Its about time we got together and talked about our BIG feelings!

Think and Be Me provides training and education focused on children and youth as well as those working with and caring for them learn to manage mental health and wellbeing.  

The Think and Be Me program is aimed at children aged 5 to 12yrs

We have created a unique set of videos, songs and resources to use at home to begin and continue the conversation with children about mental wellbeing

While mental wellbeing and preventing mental distress in children and young people is a serious subject, you wont find boring lectures here!

Our videos and characters are just what the doctor ordered, relatable, funny and sometimes a little like looking in a mirror! (Angry Dragon is very relatable to us when we are looking at a messy floor - am I right?!)

So jump on in and take a look..theres LOTS of FREE content, tools and strategies here for you!

Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) the Think and Be Me crew (Cool Cat, Worry Watchdog and Angry Dragon) take complex concepts and make them simple, engaging, relatable and funny!

tamariki & parents/whanau/caregivers love how characters take them on a journey where they learn techniques and strategies to take care of their mental health.  

They address anxiety, fear, worry, anger and teach us all techniques to turn our stinking thinking into 'cool cat' thinking


Now here is some youtube watching that we can all get behind!

Hit the links below to start your Think and Be Me learning journey with Cool Cat & the gang...

Our video series focus on

  • Managing Emotions (Be Cool)
  • Overcoming Anxiety (Be Brave)
  • Managing Anger (Be Calm)

Our catchy songs and dance moves give us heaps of tips and tools for calming our body and brain too

So get to it & don't forget to subscribe, so that any time fresh new videos are uploaded you get them straight away!

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  • BE COOL - Rap

    Learn the Think & Be Me Rap, spot Cool Cat, Worry Watchdog & Angry Dragon

  • BE COOL - Blue Glasses

    How to catch your stinking thinking, check it and change it to Cool Cat thinking!

  • BE COOL - Breathe Fire

    We all feel angry sometimes, heres some ideas on how to deal with it!

  • BE COOL - Labels

    When people call you names, they don't have to stick, you can rip those labels off!

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  • BE BRAVE - Kia Maia

    Cool Cat & Worry Watchdog react to an unexpected visitor!

  • BE BRAVE - Megaphone

    How not to listen to all those Worry Watchdog messages in your head!

  • BE BRAVE - Mind Reading Hat

    You'll be learning how you can read minds - maybe!

  • BE BRAVE - Paper Bag

    Ever feel nervous? heres some ideas on how to be BRAVE!

  • BE CALM - Kia Tau

    The Angry Dragon inside of us can sometimes help us!

  • BE CALM - Pot Boiling

    Walk away when your pot starts to boil over!

  • BE CALM - Binoculars

    How can you be calm when your sad & angry?

  • BE CALM - Dragon Mask

    How to be calm when you are scared & angry!