Cat Levine

Mental Wellbeing Educator

Cat has been speaking for 20+ years about well-being in schools and workplaces and how taking care of your mental wellbeing is an excellent tool from our youngest members of communities, right through to our most experienced! 

Cat has spoken to over 10,000 children to convey the crucial message that taking care of our mental health and well-being by understanding feelings will set us up for life.  

In more recent years, Cat has devoted her most of her time to helping as many children as she can understand and improve their  mental health and wellbeing. She communicates complex concepts through engaging story telling and visuals, with memorable messages and practical strategies.

Cat offers professional learning and development for teachers or employees. Our professional training includes learning how to best work with your colleagues, in your teams and/or with tamariki. Don't hesitate to reach out so that we can tailor a session for you and your audience.

What Cat Does

Cats passion is communication, and she is happiest in front of a crowd, engaging and entertaining while delivering powerful, life changing messages.  Her many years of experience communicating with audiences of all ages coupled with her passion for early intervention mental health education has met a growing need among the young people of Aotearoa and beyond. She partners with other organisations to reach as many people as possible, including support from The Rotary Foundation, Auckland Uniservices and SPARX, Life Education, Teachers Matter and Baby Sparks. Cat is based in Auckland, but happiest when she travelling New Zealand visiting schools, or creating new fun resources and characters.

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