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Class Set of Cubes (90-Pack)

Class Set of Cubes (90-Pack)

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Class Set of Cubes

Purchase our Think and Be Me Class Set of Cubes including:

  • 30 x Mood Cube
  • 30 x Thinking Cube
  • 30 x Calm Cube

Our cubes are designed to be used together to support tamariki with practical strategies to help children understand and manage their emotions, building positive mental health for life! 

Our complete set of cubes is a must have for children, teachers, counsellors and caregivers! Fun and engaging resources with English and Te Reo.

What is the Mood Cube used for?

One of the foundations of good mental health and resilience is being able to give your feelings a name. Once we are able to do this, we are more able to share how we feel with others. 

For children, it is especially important to show them opportunities to open up and talk about how they are feeling with the adults in their lives.  The Mood Mat and Mood Cube are fun ways for children to identify feelings using emojis.

What is the Thinking Cube used for?

The Thinking Cube has been designed to support tamariki in using practical strategies to identify how they are feeling, reflect on this and change their negative thoughts or Stinking Thinking to positive thoughts, also known as Cool Cat Thinking!

What is the Calm Cube used for?

The Calm Cube has been designed to support tamariki in using practical strategies to calm their body and calm their brain when experiencing BIG feelings like anger or anxiety.  

  • Comes as individual flat cardboard cutouts that are ready to be folded into cubes
  • All of our cubes are designed to 'nest' in each other!
    • Mood Cube dimensions 88mm x 88mm 
    • Calm Cube dimensions 82.5mm x 82.5mm
    • Thinking Cube dimensions 76mm x 76mm

Shipping NZ-wide is an additional cost of $8.50 per order. Please contact us if you require shipping beyond New Zealand.

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