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Mood Cube (5-Pack)

Mood Cube (5-Pack)

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What is the Mood Cube used for?

One of the foundations of good mental health and resilience is being able to give your feelings a name. Once we are able to do this, we are more able to share how we feel with others. 

This is what emotional literacy is all about. 

For children, it is especially important to show them opportunities to open up and talk about how they are feeling with the adults in their lives.  The Mood Mat and Mood Cube are fun ways for children to identify feelings using emojis. 

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How To Use The Mood Cube

When you download the Mood Cube you'll get instructions for 27 different ideas on  how to use it.  These include group activities, one on one activities, or quiet self reflection time. 

The instructions cater to a range of ages, and no counselling training is needed.  It's all about getting the children used to talking about their feelings, giving their feelings a name, and thinking about how other people might be feeling.

Just identifying how they are feeling, and sharing that with someone else,  can help reduce anxiety and put them on a path to emotional regulation - being able to control their 'big' feelings. This makes for positive mental health for life. 

Where Did The Mood Cube Originate ?

When Cat Levine embarked on a School Tour in 2020 with Mike King and Gumboot Friday, she created the Mood Cube.  This 8cm square Cube is covered in emojis that  represent different feelings. The Cubes have been a big hit in schools, homes and even counsellor's offices! We have printed and distributed over 20,000 already througout New Zealand. Get yours today!

Mood Cube Instructions

The Mood Cube offers over 20 different activities for use at home or school. This tool is proven to help children develop emotional literacy, self regulation and empathy. 

The Mood Cube will be sent to you, all you have to do is pop it up & start using this as a tool to help identify BIG feelings in your home or school environment.