Collection: Personality Profiling With Take Flight

Discover a reimagined approach to the classic DISC model. 

Impact Your People and Culture

By learning about the Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls, people will increase self-awareness, better understand team dynamics and learn how to interact with others more effectively and compassionately.

The bird styles will become a part of each individual’s daily conversations and will get infused into your cultural DNA. The birds will provide a language that sticks for years to come.

What makes Taking Flight Profiles different?

Many people have taken DISC assessments, but fast-forward six months and the styles are a distant memory. The birds are memorable, Take Flight Learning’s training is brain-friendly, sticky and changes behavior & perfect for school environments. 

In addition the option of a student profile for young people can have a huge impact on them learning about themselves, and help their teachers or caregivers understand how to best engage tamariki