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Taking Flight Profile

Taking Flight Profile

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The Taking Flight Profile is a DISC-based assessment that utilizes Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls to explain the four styles. Your profile will help you discover the most interesting topic of all- you!

On purchase of the product you will receive a downloadable which includes directions of how to complete your profile - on completion your profile will be sent to you directly from the system for you to review, analyse and learn from!

Personalised content includes a description of your general characteristics, strengths, behavioural tendencies and challenges. The report provides an in-depth analysis of your motivators, needs, fears, distinctive value to a team, how you relate to other styles, handle conflict, communicate, lead people, manage stress, and more.

People will also discover the characteristics of the four styles and the type of environment in which each style thrives and what they may need to do to increase effectiveness. Individuals will learn how the styles can be overused, which results in turning strengths into behavioural challenges that decrease effectiveness and can damage relationships. Additional sections of the profile provide insight into how to build rapport with each of the styles, how to communicate with each style, and what you may need to accept about each style.

The report concludes with action planning questions based on a Dynamic Action Planning process in which questions are specifically selected for the individual based on their style. Let’s face it, Eagles need to work on different things than Doves. So, the individual is directed to create an improvement plan just for them.

The Taking Flight Profile features the bird styles from Merrick Rosenberg’s books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon.

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