In School Presentations

Its about time we got together and talked about our BIG feelings!

Our fun and engaging, in-school presentations, consist of memorable strategies that make for practical daily use.

These presentations, paired with our FREE video series, help children form solid foundations to deal with difficult emotions for life.

We focus on education around emotional literacy and it is what helps our younger generations to build positive mental health for life. 

By bringing students and teachers together to listen to these presentations, as well as parents and caregivers, this creates a perfect opportunity to begin to open up healthy conversations around mental wellbeing both in the school & home environment. 

Our cohesive approach helps to reinforce practical application of the strategies.

In School Presentations

This is what I offer your children, your whānau and our communities.

If you would like to find out more about our in-school presentations, learn how these can be booked in, or even how your school may gain sponsorship to have a presentation delivered, please book in an info call with us! 

In addition to the in-school presentations, we offer our NEW range of videos that are FREE for your use - at home or in the classroom.

Be Cool Series- This series covers concepts of Emotional Regulation for children.
Be Brave Series - This series helps children identify and use strategies to manage anxiety.
Be Calm Series - This series helps children identify and use strategies to manage anger.

Our core principles can be summarised as, ‘Change what you think, change what you do and your feelings will change too.’ 

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Slots available Term 4 2023, Term 4 2024.

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