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Be Cool (for Kids) EDUCATORS VERSON | Helping Kids Manage Their BIG Feelings

Be Cool (for Kids) EDUCATORS VERSON | Helping Kids Manage Their BIG Feelings

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You know that kids of today are under more and more pressure, the feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, anger and lack of confidence plague our children and eat away at their ability to be resilient and their enjoyment of being children

Be Cool (for Kids) EDUCATORS VERSION Is an introduction to understanding kids mental health and how to take care of it, created with language and descriptions, characters and stories that connect with children and help them learn more about their feelings.

This short fun FREE video course helps children:

Identify and name feelings

Explain how naming feelings can help deal with them.

Identify the connection between thoughts and feelings.

Provide ideas for looking after physical and mental health.

Understand and demonstrate how to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Practice using Cool Cat thinking.

Identify what they are grateful for.

Demonstrate having an attitude of gratitude.

Name and replace negative self labels.

Ask and identify if thoughts are real or not.

Understand PACE as a helpful tool.

Start watching & add the teaching resources to your cart for access to excellent resources and lesson plans that can be utilised alongside these FREE videos to have quick and easy access to tools to help your students & children manage their BIG feelings. 



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